14 Oct

Proper care for the anal region


The anus

Anybody in the society is always shy to talk about this small opening that is located between our bums. The anus is a useful opening that has a function of eliminating all the waste from our intestines. It is also a sexual organ for some people. There are also some medical treatments that are inputted into the body through the anal opening.

It is an overlooked opening, but the moment that it is stepped up for sexual activities, it becomes an area that should not be ignored again. It is highly recommended that you should care for your anus, the anal canal, and the rectum if you often get involved in anal sex.

Anus Infections

hgdhjd74Many diseases can be contacted through the anus if it is not well-taken care. Sexually transmitted diseases can be easily contracted through it and these diseases can affect other sexual organs too. There are also cases of anal cancer that are associated with STIs in both men and women.

If you don’t take care of the anus, you can experience skin damage on the external and internal parts of the anus- these damages are irritating, painful, and can even lead to anal dysfunctions. In gay men, there is a new bacterium that is cropping out known as MRSA. The bacterium is resistant to all antibiotic treatments, and its effects are adverse and long-lasting. Some forms of the bacteria can be passed from one lover to another.

Caring for the anus

There are numerous ways of maintaining a good anal health. The first step involves the use of condoms during anal sex; this reduces the risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The use of lubricators is another safety measure that can reduce cases of anal infections. It should be noted that the anus does not produce lubricants like the vagina, and this calls for the use of lubricants when having anal sex in both men and females.

Medical studies suggest that the best lubricants for anal sex should be latex friendly or water friendly. These oils reduced the risk of torn condoms and torn anal skins and tissues. It is also good to note that some oils are very dangerous because they increase the risk of HIV transmission (like those that encompass Nonoxonyl-9)

It is also recommended that you should wash your anus well after anal sex; this diminishes some bacteria that could have been spread to you from your partner. You should be very careful when cleaning your anus because you can end up removing some natural- bacteria protection that protects the lower intestines from infections.

Final thoughts

hjdhjd74In conclusion, we can say that proper care for the anal region is very important, just like caring for other body organs. On ANALBLEACHINGBLUEPRINT.COM, you will see how you can take care of your anal region through bleaching. You can also check out analbleachingblueprint.com/vaginal-lightening-cream and learn about the safe cream that you can use to enhance the skin surrounding your vagina.

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