26 Apr

Changes In Health Care


Some years ago hospital experience was not one of the best; it included long stays in the hospital and no respect for patients. Due to cultural shifts and technological advances, hospitals have moved to patient empowered, sensitive, and all patient needs are given first priority.


Below are some of the areas where changes have been witnessed


Patient segregation

esddfgDiscrimination regarding race, social status, religion, and gender were witnessed in hospitals some years back. Some hospitals treated patients of a certain race only; others used certain facilities to a certain group of people. The groups neglected did not get any attention medically meaning they had to get their hospitals. This has been seen to change in the current world, and one is free to get health care in any hospital as long as they can afford the charges.


Long stays

A woman could stay in the hospital for ten days after giving birth, unlike today where they are discharged even after 24 hours. Patients would stay in hospitals for like four days after an operation but today, they perform it in outpatient, in the case of minor surgeries. Technological advancement has brought about all these changes, for example, a patient with kidney issues can carry a dialysis machine home. This has reduced congestion in the hospitals. It is easier for workers and doctors to handle the serious cases left in the hospital.

Must see a doctor

Some years back most doctors were always on call, making them very busy. Some rules were set to employ people who will deal with minor chores like picking up calls making the doctor less busy. These means a patient will not come to the hospital and fail to see the doctor. If all patients are well attendant, no one will go home unwell, after the right medication, the patient feels better and gets back to normal duties. One does not have to waste two days going to the hospital.


Smoking in the hospital

rdfgqswdhStaff and visitors used to smoke in cafeterias; male smoked in washrooms as their wife’s in labor wards and even some patients were being pushed out of the hospital in a wheel chair to smoke. Today smoking is burned entirely in hospital premises. All hospitals today are smoke-free zones. This is for the good of patients in the hospital. Can you imagine a Tb patient getting to breathe in the smoke of cigarettes, this just makes the situation worse. Smoking too will be bad for babies.